Mar 09

The problem of poor brand management in social networks

When you drive a brand on social networks run many risks if you do not know very well choose its marketing policy, the problem of web promotion without a strategy can have an increase in advertising and reputation but problems well.

Admittedly Web 2.0 today is invading every aspect of our lives socioeconomic, jobs and businesses. This makes today by way of promotion should be dynamic, involving genuine and development in areas where the brand (company, shop, product) to interact with potential customers.

The Internet is always the last frontier for those who want to promote their product, today the Facebook and Twitter social networking fashion are those who can grow a brand that can sink or even make it disappear.

The problem stems from the negligent use of a Facebook Fan Page or a Twitter profile that all they seek is substantial following and actual parameters to grow the brand through quality fans or followers.

Many companies rely on the more fans have regardless of where they are (can make the company of El Salvador but Brazilian fans) have more prestige brand, when in fact what they are creating is a direct stagnation of the page or profile of any platform they are using.

The problem is that when we have many fans, followers, friends or followers on any social platform that does not consume, nor know the brand can not be given the feedback necessary for growth of the social network of the brand, not excite the famous “mouth of mouth “which are the recommendations of friends or acquaintances who make you feel confident to a third consumer product or service to be promoted.

Without a good plan to promote your brand in social media are most likely to miss the mark in a big ocean of social networks.

Always try to consult, to be guided and advised by people who have researched the subject that makes use of them and know how the market moves.

Best wishes for your finances.