May 04

Solar Chargers to save on utility costs

An interesting way to save, which is also gentle to the environment, is to use solar energy, clean and renewable. And to do so, here I bring an idea that I found great. It involves using portable solar charger to recharge the battery of all those electronic devices that fill our lives.

Although the buy have to make an initial investment (not too important as they are not expensive), then you will save on electricity every time you charge your mobile phone, ipod or tablet. Whether or not it is a good idea?
Harnessing the sun’s energy

Solar chargers are devices equipped with a solar panel that captures energy from the sun and stores it in a battery and then charge other electrical devices. With them, you will not depend at all on the electricity, which will be very useful on numerous occasions. For example, do not have to worry about if your phone runs out of battery while you’re traveling in an area where there is no electricity.

The solar charger can be charged by putting it directly in the sun, and take from 4-10 hours to fully charge. In addition, the battery is not discharged if not used. And if the day is cloudy, you can always charge the device by plugging it into the mains (within 1 or 2 hours would be fully loaded).
One for all

With this interesting contraption can charge your mobile phone wherever you are, but as he has multiple adapters to connect to other devices, also will serve to the other devices that you usually use. So you only need one charger. You’ll always be ready, as well as mobile phone, laptop, GPS, digital cameras, MP3 and even serve you to charge rechargeable batteries which you can then use in many electrical appliances, thus saving on the bill of light.