Mar 13

Basque technology for Japanese electric cars

A group of Japanese investors negotiate with leading companies in the Basque country for the purchase and development of the technology for electric by EUR 12 million vehicles

A Japanese investor group is negotiating the purchase and development of the technology of the main Basque companies of the Consortium Hiriko for 12 million euros, according to the Government of the Basque country. The Japanese group aims to build new electric vehicles in Japan.

The autonomic Executive received Tuesday a business and political delegation from Niigata Prefecture (Japan) interested in promoting a business project in that country with the technology developed by a group of companies formed by Maser Mic, Ingeinnova and Forging Products, among others. These companies are the main members of the Consortium Hiriko, dedicated to the manufacture of an electric car with Basque technology.

The regional government said in a statement that closing negotiations, would be the first time that “Basque companies selling this type of technology to Japan, one of the leading manufacturers of vehicles in the world”.