May 18

Why should not hesitate about the electronic cigarette?

Electronically Smoking (vaping) is an alternative way of smoking, a healthier way of smoking without the pretense of being a remedy to quitting.

No yellow teeth or fingers
No full ashtrays
No odors at home or office
No burns
Will smoke where you can not smoke a conventional cigarette
Do not disturb anyone around, no more passive smokers
No carcinogenic additives like tar and carbon monoxide
Quit smoking easily and enjoying both
Up to 75% cheaper.

An electronic cigarette, nicotine observation is equivalent to that of a normal cigarette. The electronic cigarette also has the advantage of giving you the feeling that you are smoking a regular cigarette as he continues with the same routine of having a cigarette in hand and smoke inhalation and exhalation but in this case, with the electronic cigarette, the smoke is harmless.

It has been shown by many satisfied customers that the electronic cigarette has been a very good remedy to stop smoking.

Vapear not designed for non-smokers.

In the absence of all hazardous and toxic substances (more than 400) found in a normal cigarette is safer and healthier for you as smoking electronic smoking besides being completely harmless to the environment. No smoke passively.

The nicotine in electronic cigarettes can be easily reduced to a non-nicotine replacement. The electronic smoking can be compared with other therapies such as nicotine gum or patches where the most important difference is the rapid observation of nicotine that is the electronic cigarette.