May 05

Carrefour Pass Card

One of the things we have to ask ourselves if we want to save every day is buy head so responsible and intelligent. And to achieve this, we have access to various resources. As Carrefour Pass card, which has numerous advantages for customers in this large area.

So if you normally purchase in the French hypermarket and want to take advantage of their discounts to customers, requesting the Pass card and start using it. See how it Works.
Returning money

The first thing I have to say about the Pass card is that request is free, and maintenance. He has no annual cost. Among its major benefits is that, if you use, Carrefour gives back 1% of your purchases on food and fresh produce, household cleaning and cleaning within the facility. But it will return 1% of what you pay with it at other stores, so that the money accumulated at the end of the month can be a significant amount.

Also, if you use it to pay for gas at a service station Carrefour, also will return 8%, and 3% of the amount of fuel if re post in BP gas stations.
Defer your payments

But one of the most important advantages Pass card is that it offers great easy payment, and you can buy on credit paying each month the amount of your choice (all establishments). If the purchase you have made in Carrefour, have the option of paying in 3 months interest.

And that’s not all. If at any time you need extra spending money, I Pass card provided. Just apply for credit and you enter the money into your account within 48 hours. In the event that the requested amount is 500 euros or less, you can withdraw cash immediately to pay Carrefour hypermarkets.

In any case, although it has many advantages, you should use these cards with care and intelligence, and practice responsible consumption, for the sake of your economy.