May 07

How to save battery on your iPhone

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In terms of saving anything goes, even if we are talking about the iPhone’s battery. In this article we will look at the important tips for your smartphone last longer without having to go through the plug.

1. – Turning off the option “auto-brightness”
The automatic brightness option causes the phone to change the screen brightness when you need more or less light. Although it is a very interesting option usually consumes much load, so best be off. To find this option you should go to the section “Settings” (Settings) and click on “Brightness and screen saver” (Brightness & Wallpaper).

2.-Turn off the display when you’re not looking
The screen takes a while to go off alone, so if you do not need to look around, it is best to turn off the screen manually by pressing the button on and off the iPhone.

Three. – Close the ‘Apps’
It is true that almost no one does, but it is highly recommended to extend the battery of your iPhone. When you exit an application, it is still open but is minimized using energy. To close definitely have to go to the button “Home” and press it twice quickly, then you will see several app icons on the bottom of the screen. These icons indicate that such applications are open, click on one of them continuously until they start to shake and begins to close them by clicking the red circles them all.

April. – Airplane Mode
When you are in areas of low coverage or even want to give you a break and not receive anything at all. Turns on the plane. Mobiles are usually all the time looking for any available network and if it finds nothing, it will stop searching until the battery runs out. Remember that in airplane mode fail to be operational, you can not receive calls or surf the Internet just like you’re out of range.

May. – Email sync
Mail applications are configured to be constantly updated and this battery melts as they are sending and receiving data packets to check for news in your inbox. It’s best to check mail manually, to do this set in “Settings” and clicking on “Mail” and then click “Get Data”. Here you can choose between every 15 or 13 minutes every hour or manually.