May 07

How to manage our digital heritage

Internet has become an everyday tool in our life, in social or recreational like email or social networks, or other more important as business management, our bank accounts, etc..

This we do using passwords which are sometimes known by our partner, family or friends, and in other cases not, and in the event of death, this ignorance can bring our relatives being unable to access certain files of the deceased . So what happens with all our key information and digital files at death, ie our digital heritage?
Digital Heritage

We may thus define everything that manage each through our computer, and keys and passwords used to access it.

To prevent this loss, experts advise us to stop our testament collected all passwords to bank management, emails, social networks and any other that may appear in the data related to us and that, otherwise, remain in the network after we have died.

As part of this heritage can also appear all digital files that we have stored, such as e-books, music or movies that can be purchased online and can be given as an inheritance to our heirs.

Social networks and email accounts

What about social networking accounts and mailers? According to recent data, on Facebook, there are more than five million accounts that are inactive since the death of their owners. To fix this situation, have a number of rules of conduct in case of death of the owner.

If we are not quite sure how to do it, we can find websites that indicate the steps to manage that legacy.