May 18

E Cigarette: Tips for use

Do not use the electronic cigarette as a traditional cigarette. Make puffs long, soft and prudent is THE way to vaping. It is a habit that every person has to find and get the best out of the electronic cigarette. If doing a puff cigar LED indicator lights directly, then the battery is charged.

If you do not turn on after a drag means qua the shed was too sharp or rough. You can blow on both sides of the battery to make the suspension more flexible. By using, in a short period of time, get used to using the electronic cigarette in a correct and effective.

When you inhale you should stick to the following resolution: never inhaled continuously for a long time, never Creek too strong and / or fast a puff after another. This has a negative impact on the life of the atomizer. ALWAYS make puffs (from 3-5) slowly and let the steam passes from your lungs. Let The electronic cigarette to side about 3-5 minutes before new puffs.

Excessive use of the electronic cigarette puffs make continuous fast short puffs do one after the other and too short pauses between breaths result in disturbances in the functioning of the device and are subject to misuse. Failure to follow these instructions can result in defects. Never hold the electronic cigarette with the teeth, as it could damage them.

But the best part is that the electronic cigarette makes it very easy to stop smoking completely. Step by step you will reduce the amount of nicotine contained in the E-Liquid, unaccustomed the body slowly nicotine supply, and thus, prevent the new smoker-E have to suffer withdrawal symptoms. Then, whoever wants to can continue to smoke your cigarette-E, using a non-nicotine E-Liquid or simply leave this subject entirely.

After charging the battery and attached the corresponding cartridge recommend giving one or two quick, short puffs to preheat the device and then continue smoking as usual. For optimal results it is recommended to use the electronic cigarette horizontal.