May 18

Tips for choosing the electronic cigarette refill

Except for recent quitters who still require a certain amount of freedom from nicotine withdrawal or yearn for the taste of snuff, for the rest of the election fluid recharge your electronic cigarette in a mere matter of taste.

Compounds of one percent of alcohol that evaporates before it aspire-propylene glycol, oils and aromas, one of snuff, to give certain taste, the use of these liquids is harmless to health.

Dizzying amount of flavors

The range of flavors that the steam carries the palate is very large. Of these liquids can be drawn over sixty flavors, such as chocolate, strawberry or, of course, the aforementioned of snuff. Although, if we analyze the snuff itself tastes bad, but as this is to help overcome the habit, at least in some cases, enough help.

Tips for choosing the electronic cigarette refill

We continue talking about flavors, only now offer a clue about what are the most popular, and in this case, preferences refer to the lemon, mint, strawberry, coffee, apple, chocolate and champagne. What if we change the cigar “bad” by mail, but it overwhelms the range of flavors that we have to choose.

Finally! An objective criterion

The only criterion to bow out of one flavor or another liquid is the amount that brings each cartridge, ranging from 10 to 50 milliliters, so the 10 costs about $ 5 and the price increases, but not in exact proportion – with size.