Children learn differently

Educators and schools require both boys and girls regardless of innate differences that exist in the brains of children and the development of their learning. We show some.

Innate differences

Most children are more active and they need to be moving. They are more independent, curious, are explorers by nature and like to build and build. Hence the difficulty they may experience some children to achieve a state of focus and concentration during school spaces.

In contrast, girls are passive, concentrate easily, learn to speak faster and increase their vocabulary at a younger age. At school, they may write before and even more perfectly than children of the same age.

The psychiatrist Jay Giedd, one of the leading experts on brain growth in children, the National Institute of Health, Washington, United States, is shown to the brain aimed at those skills, as is the left hemisphere, acquires women in maturity much earlier than in the male.

Scientists have also found that the female brain has more connections between the left brain and the part of the brain responsible for feelings and emotion. For this reason is that girls are more descriptive when speaking or writing, are unaware of the details and use more qualifiers.

In the brain cells that send children answer the question where is it? So moving elements drawn with few colors. His drawings are more abstract than those of girls, and receive lower grades because they represent details, people, colors, since in their brain cells predominate answer the question what is it? The girls, with four years, identify emotions better.

Lower performance in children

Because of the differences described above, it has been found that men have greater school failure than girls. And is that cognitive development in humans is slower, especially with regard to language skills. This leads to reading comprehension is one of the most widely homework it difficult for male and if this ability is not learned from the beginning, it will truncate the process of the other areas of learning.

The spelling is also usually a stone in the shoe for boys and the worst is that they can qualify as dyslexic or learning problems, not to keep these natural differences between boys and girls.

Give a differentiated education

“His is a world of action, exploration and objects. But the school is asked to sit still, silent, to listen, to feel good and to pay attention to the ideas, all of which, in fact, are things that your brain and body do not ask, “says Mary Calvo, European Association of differentiated education centers (EASSE) and is author of numerous publications on this topic. Through his studies, Calvo has emerged that is not at all inappropriate to expect the same response from children in school settings, when you know in advance that brain connections differ in the male and the female.

The expert also says “ignore the slower pace of male and be level require that girls in these matters is unjust, is a huge misunderstanding for boys and may end up causing them, unable to keep pace earlier their partners, reduce their level of aspiration will be frustrated and decide that studying is ‘girl thing.’ “

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