Electronic cigarettes in public spaces

More and more the “cigarette lovers” we found with their electronic cigarettes in public places. A few months ago when they snuff substitutes came to Spain, and we can find them via the internet especially.

It consists of an electronic device that allows to continue smoking without hurting the people around us and significantly reducing the harmful effects of snuff to health.

The electronic cigarette is a device that has the same shape and size of a cigar, which can often be confusing.

The difference is that they do not emit smoke cigarettes but atomizing steam emitting a substance that may contain a small dose of nicotine, if desired, or simply consist of scents (vanilla, mint, nuts, coffee …) that are generating a taste very similar to snuff.

To smoking with an electronic cigarette (also called e-cigarette is called vaping).

One of the most common uses for these cigarettes is its use in public spaces where smoking is not permitted. The only disputes that have occurred in the use of these devices in public spaces smoke-free has been because of the similarity of these cigarettes with a cigarette snuff, sometimes being confused by ignorance.

Despite this, electronic cigarettes are gaining popularity and more and more people know the obvious difference between these cigars cigarettes and snuff.

As with all products there are lovers and detractors of electronic cigarettes, despite this, it is clear that it is a good way to quit the habit of smoking or otherwise significantly reduce a healthier way for the user and for the person surrounding it.

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