What liquids you use for your electronic cigarette vaping?

Do not just vaping only American Rubio MB, Dessert Ship or Winson, we show you the best liquid to refill your electronic cigarette cartridges.


Flavored snuff not aggressive, with a slight sweetness not cloying dotted.

Aftertaste some nut. A journal flavor ….

Blonde snuff flavor, nuts and caramel, although this liquid is not as defined, leaving a rounder flavor where you can not get to clearly identify specific flavors.


Menthol is left for a while on the palate and it is noticeable odor in the air for a few seconds. Traditional mint flavor as commonly found in chewing gum or candy with liquor slightly sweet background and ‘green’. Floral with notes more as of mint. Produces a pleasant cooling effect in the mouth


Ideal for former smokers snuff Black.

A mixture finds cigar flavors, black and oriental snuff. to the presence of the cigar type flavor intensity and black (at least in this set) and the touch liquor make the other flavors are almost too faint. Remember to snuff and some pure black. Nice black flavored snuff?, Walnut liqueur and caramel side, liquorice fruit and menthol faintest background.


Snuff flavors predominate and cocoa liquor and presents notes, vanilla, nuts and caramel.

Strike means throat. Snuff sweet smell reminiscent of a mix between American Rubio MB and Virginia.

Sweet taste that I know how prevalent the liquor and then the snuff. After these aromas appears a mixture of caramel, vanilla, licorice, almonds and fruit and spicy touches


Predominates to try the flavored snuff and liquor. It has notes of cocoa, coffee, apple and caramel, very smooth.

Suitable for daily use. Compensated and snuff neutral flavor that is quite pleasant.


acid flavor discreetly and very similar to the “sweets” Cola flavored. Should not buy it to dilute it quite loses flavor and nicotine hit. This flavor is very nice as Rest of the flavors of snuff and other more “dense”

Nicotine hit. Strong

Flavor and sensations trinkets bittersweet flavor with hints of cinnamon cola and citrus acids

Steam production: moderate to high


Intense nicotine hit. Intense taste of alcohol, smoke and vanilla and cream and caramel side.


Sweet taste smooth and strong coffee cream almost like butter, leaving a discreet softer toffee flavor.

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